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Art Based
Leadership Training Services

Are you looking for a way to engage your in-person and remote teams in leadership development and training? By using arts based leadership training techniques, you can ensure that your teams will learn the skills and competencies you need them to develop to help your organization thrive in this complex and rapidly changing world. 

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Designing Training

I will work with your team to assess their leadership training needs and design a customized approach grounded in research.

Lead presentations during meetings

Facillitating  Training 

I will deliver in-person or online leadership development training that we'll use research based leadership theory and active art based training techniques to engage your team and build community in your organization.


Assessing Training

I would use assessment tools agreed upon before the training to evaluate the impact so you can be confident in a positive return on investment.

Leadership Videos



Motivation Leadership Training

Arts Based Leadership Training

What is arts based leadership training?


It sure isn’t death by PowerPoint. Or a droning lecture. Or an endlessly long discussion group dominated by one or two participants.


Art based leadership training uses techniques such as improvisation, creative writing, theater, visual art, music, and crafts to create active learning experiences.


In our increasingly complex world, we need leaders who can be creative and adaptive when helping their teams navigate the continual change all organizations seem to be experiencing today.


We need leaders who know how to build relationships, communicate, make sense of complex situations, thrive in ambiguity, and develop creative solutions when addressing emergent issues.


They also need to be systems and complexity thinkers who know how to use data to develop a richer understanding of the world to make better leadership decisions.


Art based leadership training offers opportunities for participants to engage in deep learning about their leadership approach using active and engaging learning techniques.


Training workshops and presentations are customized Because we understand that every organizational culture is different. Every organization has different needs, so the process always begins with an assessment to determine the type of training that will prepare your team to thrive.


To schedule a consultation, please email Daniel Tarker.

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