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Meet Daniel Tarker

Dr. Daniel Tarker is a leadership trainer, writer, recovering theatre artist, and podcaster who brings his decades of arts and learning and development experience to provide engaging and research based leadership training to all types of organizations. On this website, you will find information about his training services,  academic and creative writing, arts reviews, leadership videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts. Please contact him to discuss how you can turn your next staff leadership training into a transformational experience for your teams.

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Video Podast

Sense & Signal Leadership & Sensemaking Podcast

Sense & Signal Leadership & Sensemaking Podcast

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Audio Podcast


"From my experience working with him, Dan is an excellent communicator and knowledgeable researcher. From start to finish he exhibited a high level of enthusiasm and a deep commitment to the project. Dan is a highly competent, professional project manager who delivers results. I highly recommend him."

Joyce Carroll, Associate Dean of Instruction at Bellevue College

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