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Daniel Tarker
MFA, Ed.D.

Writer, Educator, Researcher, 

Leadership Consultant, Trainer

 Intersections Lead to Innovation

Consulting Services Testimonial

"From my experience working with him, Dan is an excellent communicator and knowledgeable researcher. From start to finish he exhibited a high level of enthusiasm and a deep commitment to the project. Dan is a highly competent, professional project manager who delivers results. I highly recommend him."

Joyce Carroll, Associate Dean of Instruction at Bellevue College

Leadership  Training  Testimonial

Dan is a thoughtful and compassionate thought leader and consultant, who truly listened to our needs/wishes and provided valuable solutions for us to launch and establish an innovation meetup at Tripwire. He has delivered engaging talks and facilitated group discussions about “Transformational Leadership & Innovation” and “Motivation and Thriving with a Social Purpose.” His thought-provoking talks and guidance propelled our meet up to grow successful. If any leaders want to pursue cultural changes in your organization, I strongly recommend you to partner with Dan to start your initiative!

Yung Sook Koh, UX Manager, Tripwire 

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